EIG Diamonds

The Art of Romancing the Stone, One Diamond at a Time......


Every diamond is unique, with its own individual beauty. Selecting the finest diamonds is an intuitive art, the work of a connoisseur rather than a scientist. Diamonds are evaluated in two overall ways:

Quality as defined by the 4Cs and the beauty which involves going beyond technical grading to discover diamonds that have exceptional fire, life and brilliance. 

The four most popular factors used to measure the rarity of a diamond are cut, color, clarity and carat. The 4Cs selection criteria introduced by De Beers to consumers in 1939, is a tool that will help you evaluate diamond quality.

Experts with years of experience must look beyond the 4Cs in order to select the most beautiful diamonds. Diamond beauty is the result of a complex interaction between many individual characteristics of a diamond. Nature dictates the characteristics of color, clarity and carat, while the cut is directly influenced by humans. Although the 4Cs provide scientific guidelines for evaluating diamond quality, they do not necessarily measure a diamonds beauty.